Polzeath Beach - Cornwalls Greatest Retreat

Polzeath is a small seaside town in Cornwall, it's definitely the place to be this Spring and Summer! The beautiful scenery, sandy beaches and blue sea makes it a perfect location for any water sports. Polzeath is one of the first locations in the UK to teach stand up paddle boarding! If you've just bought your Coastal Paddle Board, and want to gain some great experience, Polzeath is the place to go. Enjoy your fun and exciting lesson then enjoy the food and activities the seaside town offers. 

While the main beach may be filled with surfers and bodyboarders, there's a variety of coves around the corner to practice your paddle boarding. These calmer bays provide a much flatter sea making it more of a safer environment for families. However, if you're an expert at paddle boarding or just feeling adventurous, the main beach will offer some wilder waves.